The Womens Centre Cairns is a feminist community based not for profit organisation that provides a range of support services to women and children.

The Womens Centre was established through the tireless work and dedication of a small group of feminists, their hard work and dedication paid off when in mid-1986 the Womens Information & Referral Centre, as it was then known, was incorporated.

From small beginnings of providing information, support and self-help groups in a shop front at Rusty’s Bazaar to a thriving organisation offering a range of programs with offices in both Cairns and Atherton. Our staff provide services that cut across the sectors of housing, violence against women and child protection.

We provide a range of support services that work with and assist women, and their children, to transition them away from homelessness and violence and the child safety system. We work alongside clients providing them with information, resources and support to assist them to make their own decisions and life choices.

Management Committee

Womens Centre is governed by a board of volunteer members who come from corporate, Government, academic and not‐for‐profit backgrounds. They generously donate their time and expertise to guide the Womens Centre’s strategic direction, ensure we meet our corporate governance requirements and achieve our goals.

The Womens Centre is committed to the highest standards of corporate governance, ensuring that;

  • We are accountable to our members and stakeholders
  • Clients receive high quality, effective services
  • Stakeholders can have confidence in the Womens Centre and the services we provide

Committed employees delivering quality services

High performing staff is vital to the delivery of quality services. The committee has a strong commitment to attract and retain the best quality staff and recognizes the importance of providing challenging and interesting work as well as a degree of flexibility. We have a professional, qualified and experienced workforce. We aim for a work‐place that is flexible, open and fair, as well as professional and productive with our core values and purpose being central to our work.