Our Values


We work from a feminist perspective and framework and uphold the belief that structural inequalities in society greatly disadvantage and affect the opportunity’s and experiences of women.


Social Justice and Human Rights Based
We believe that every person has the right to an adequate standard of living, which includes the right to adequate housing, the right to live free from violence and abuse.

Core Values

Rights Based

That violence is a fundamental violation of human rights and unacceptable in any form


The safety of women and children is of paramount consideration in any response


We work in a way that builds on their strengths, fosters hope, optimism and builds


We are committed to reaching out to women to help them through crisis and to work
alongside them to achieve their goals. We support and advocate relentlessly no matter how many hurdles faced.


We will treat everyone with dignity, respect and sensitivity.


Disadvantage and violence is experienced by women regardless of class, ethnicity, religion,
age, abilities, sexuality or diverse bodies.


We will protect confidentiality wherever possible and create an environment of respect and privacy.

Access and Equity

We will respond to women and children and provide accessible support in a fair and
equitable manner.

Collaborative Practice

We are committed to improving service responses through greater coordination and

Community Based

We seek to be a sustainable and viable Organisation accountable to clients, funders and the community.

Governance & Staff

Management Committee
The Womens Centre is governed by a board of volunteer members who come from corporate, Government, academic and not‐for‐profit backgrounds. They generously donate their time and expertise to guide the Womens Centre's strategic direction, ensure we meet our corporate governance requirements and achieve our goals.

The Womens Centre is committed to the highest standards of corporate governance, ensuring that;

  • We are accountable to our members and stakeholders
  • Clients receive high quality, effective services
  • Stakeholders can have confidence in the Womens Centre and the services we provide

Staff Team
Our professional staff are committed and passionate about supporting women and their children to ensure they have options for a safer future.

For 24hour crisis refuge referral statewide


contact: dvconnect 1800 811 811